Warren: Trump Would ‘Step on a Cute Little Kitten’ if Necessary

Warren: Trump Would ‘Step on a Cute Little Kitten’ if Necessary

December 20, 2019

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, White House contender Elizabeth Warren claimed President Trump would “step on a cute little kitten” to get what he wants.

CNN contributor David Axelrod asked Warren, “Just about this Biden thing, why do you think the president went to such extraordinary lengths to sully Joe Biden, the lengths that have landed him now in front of you as a juror under impeachment. Why did he feel Biden was such a threatening candidate?”

“I can’t get into the head of Donald Trump,” Warren said. “That’s just — that’s a really horrible place to go. I think that Donald Trump looks out for Donald Trump. And he looks out for Donald Trump’s closest buddies who give him total loyalty, and he looks out for the other billionaires because he thinks they’ve got a whole bro thing going on. That’s what Donald Trump does. And if he had to step on a cute little kitten to get something done that would help himself, he would do it.”

The notion that Trump feels threatened by the gaffe-prone, corrupt racist Joe Biden is comical.

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