Warren: ‘Senate Must Finally Act’ to Impose Gun Control Measures

Warren: ‘Senate Must Finally Act’ to Impose Gun Control Measures

April 8, 2021

Thursday after President Biden’s speech unveiling his executive actions on gun control, radical Sen. Elizabeth Warren agreed that the Senate “must finally act” to impose gun control measures at the federal level.

“I was sworn in just weeks after Sandy Hook. I thought the Senate would listen to the American people and do something about gun violence,” she tweeted, accusing Republicans of “working for” the National Rifle Association (NRA). “President Biden is right: the Senate must finally act.”

Biden formally unveiled his executive action on guns in a Thursday address, calling gun crime in the U.S. an “epidemic” and an “international embarrassment.”

If anybody knows about international embarrassment, it’s Joe Biden.

“They’ve offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of Congress, but they’ve passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence,” Biden said during the address. “Enough prayers, time for some action.”

That action boils down, as it always does with Democrats, to burdening law-abiding gun owners by infringing on their 2nd Amendment rights, instead of addressing the gun violence of gangs, terrorists, and the criminally insane.

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