Warren Pledges to ‘Take Executive Action’ for Gun Control

Warren Pledges to ‘Take Executive Action’ for Gun Control

August 16, 2019

White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren tweeted a video clip Thursday in which she promised to take “executive action in every corner” for gun control.

“40,000 Americans died last year from gun violence,” Warren wrote on Twitter, referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers for 2017 which report that 39,773 people died in gun-related deaths. As Breitbart News points out, Warren neglected to mention that approximately 60% of those deaths were due to suicide.

Warren also pledged to reduce the number of “gun violence” deaths by 80%. “We will make change, we’ll figure out what works, and then we’ll make some more change and some more change… I will take executive action in every corner, with the Department of Justice, with ATF, to move as much as I can,” she added.

“Real change,” Warren claimed, will come from “breaking the stranglehold of the gun industry and the NRA.” Real change will actually come not from statist control, but from addressing the real sources of gun violence: gangs, criminals, and mental illness.

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