Warren on Woodward Book ‘Revelations’: ‘Deep Down Fury’

Warren on Woodward Book ‘Revelations’: ‘Deep Down Fury’

September 11, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, Sen. Elizabeth Warren described her reaction to President Trump’s comment in an interview that he downplayed COVID-19 to prevent a panic as “deep down fury.”

“Well, it is a deep down fury,” Warren said, pointedly noting that her brother died from COVID-19. “And when Donald Trump says now, when it comes out publicly, Woodward says Trump not only lied to the American people back in February, he knew he was lying.

“He was lying, and he wasn’t putting together the kind of response we needed — that a leader would have come to the American people and said this is really dangerous. This is — this is something that we’ve got to be very, very careful with, and we got to get to work right now. We’ve got to mobilize to make sure that there are masks for everyone, that there’s plenty of testing kits, that there’s lots of protective gear. We’ve got to be careful with each other. We got to figure out the best ways to respond to stop the spread of this virus.”

Pure partisan demagoguery. Trump did not lie about the coronavirus. He did what a leader should do: take appropriate measures and avoid causing a panic.

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