Warren on ‘Blue New Deal’: ‘The World’s Oceans Are in Crisis’

Warren on ‘Blue New Deal’: ‘The World’s Oceans Are in Crisis’

December 11, 2019

White House contender Elizabeth Warren took to social media on Tuesday to call for a “Blue New Deal” in order to “restore our oceans.”

“We need a #GreenNewDeal to fight the climate crisis—and we need a #BlueNewDeal to protect and restore our oceans so they are a part of our climate solution, and so we can rebuild our blue economy,” Warren tweeted, linking to her “Blue New Deal” plan. The plan calls for, among other things, spending $5 billion over ten years to “rebuild the necessary infrastructure to once again support vibrant coastal communities and a local seafood economy.” She also promised a “fully funded Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.”

Warren claims a Blue New Deal is necessary because “71% of our planet is covered by the ocean.” She added, “The world’s oceans are in crisis” due to overfishing, warming waters, and an increase in pollution.

“Saving the planet” is the perfect utopian boondoggle for Democrats to soak taxpayers endlessly and bloat the power of government.


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