Warren: Musk ‘Didn’t Make it on His Own,’ He Got Taxpayer Help

Warren: Musk ‘Didn’t Make it on His Own,’ He Got Taxpayer Help

March 30, 2022

Tuesday on CNBC’s Squawk Box, multi-millionaire anti-capitalist Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who coined the Democrat slogan “You didn’t build that” to denigrate business owners and entrepreneurs, slammed tech giant Elon Musk for purportedly paying no taxes.

Warren, who has called the Tesla founder and SpaceX CEO a “freeloader” because he did not pay taxes in 2018 nor 2020, argued that Musk “didn’t make it on his own” because he “got huge investments from the government” and “taxpayers.”

“Look, I’m happy to celebrate success, but let’s remember Elon Musk didn’t make it on his own,” she declared. “He got huge investments from the government, from taxpayers, from those public school teachers and those minimum wage workers who have been paying their taxes all along to get that business up and running and help see it through rough times. And the thing is, as Americans, we’re glad to help make those investments. We’re glad to all have a hand in helping create all of those jobs. All we’re saying is when you make it to the top, to the very tippy-tippy top, then pay something in so everybody else gets a share.”

Musk’s companies directly employ 110,000 people, not including supply chains he operates for his companies, which he says have aided in the creation of hundreds of thousands of additional jobs.

He built that, not the U.S. government or the average American taxpayer, who pays Warren’s salary. But Warren thinks Musk is just ripping off taxpayers and not contributing anything to society. What is the American taxpayer getting from the mult-millionaire Warren?

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