Warren: ICE Is ‘Cruel’ to Deport White-Collar Indian Illegals

Warren: ICE Is ‘Cruel’ to Deport White-Collar Indian Illegals

November 28, 2019

In a Twitter response to an article in the Detroit Free Press, White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren labeled the government “cruel” for deporting 200 Indian graduates who signed up for a no-show college so they could take good jobs from U.S. graduates by fraud.

“This is cruel and appalling,” Warren tweeted. “These students simply dreamed of getting the high-quality higher education America can offer. ICE deceived and entrapped them, just to deport them.”

In fact, as noted by Breitbart News, the 200 Indians were following the path taken by hundreds of thousands of Indian grads seeking white-collar jobs and citizenship in the U.S., often via fake universities. The victims of this Indian fraud are the growing number of Americans graduates denied good jobs in growing cities and sidelined to low-prestige careers in regional cities.

Warren and her open-borders cohorts in the Democrat Party have demonstrated over and over again that their priority is illegal aliens, not legal American citizens. The voters will remember this in 2020.

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