Warren: Republicans Want Fed to Raise Interest Rates, Put Millions Out of Work

Warren: Republicans Want Fed to Raise Interest Rates, Put Millions Out of Work

October 18, 2022

Monday on CNN’s The Lead, Sen. Elizabeth “You didn’t build that” Warren (D-MA) claimed that Republicans are the ones who want the Federal Reserve to engage in interest rate hikes that will “put millions of people out of work.”

Warren said, “I just want to say here, it’s the Republicans who are trying to keep 43 million Americans from getting their student loan debt canceled. It is Republicans who want to repeal the laws that we just got in place to cut the cost of insulin and to let Medicare negotiate drug prices. It’s the Republicans who want to see us raise interest rates and put millions of people out of work. So, I am very worried about buzzkill. I am worried about what it is the Republicans want to do to an America that really — what we’re trying to do as Democrats is just build opportunity, just let families get out there and do what they do best, let individuals get out there and do what they do best and let them make their own decisions, including letting women make their own decisions about abortion and about their health care. To me, that’s the heart of what it means to be an American and to be optimistic about the future we’re building.”

This is all projection and lies, especially coming from a woman who denies the very existence of entrepreneurship and credits Big Government for everything. What the Democrats are trying to do is eradicate the middle-class with crushing economic policies, rip families apart by criminalizing objections to trans ideology and to Critical Race Theory indoctrination, and to promote infanticide and racial discrimination against whites. Warren’s party is based on an ideological agenda of destruction and totalitarianism.

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