Warren: GOP ‘Extremists’ Want a Return to Back-Alley Abortions

Warren: GOP ‘Extremists’ Want a Return to Back-Alley Abortions

May 4, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, radical harpy Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) claimed falsely that “Republican extremists” want to bring back a world of back-alley abortions and suicide over unwanted pregnancies by overturning the Roe v. Wade decision.

Warren said, “I grew up in Oklahoma. I grew up at a time when abortion was unlawful. And that means there were women who bled to death from back-alley abortions. It means there were women who ended their own lives rather than carry forward a pregnancy that they could not bear. Yeah, and that’s the world that the Republican extremists are trying to recreate. Make no mistake about this. This is not one on which America is closely divided. This is not one. Just in the last few months or even a few years, we’ve all come together. For a long time now, it has been the case that the overwhelming majority of Americans, by a margin of more than 2-to-1, say that they want Roe v. Wade to continue to be the law of the land. That’s true, red state, blue state, young people, old people, Republicans and Democrats.”

Warren’s hysterical claim is false. There is no reason abortion has to be a constitutional right. Overturning Roe v. Wade means only that the issue will be kicked back to the states. Warren can rest easy because there will still be plenty of access to women who want to murder their unborn children.

She added, “That’s why the plan of the extremists has always been, not a frontal assault on Roe through the legislative process but to go to the Supreme Court and just keep pushing for a more and more and more extremist Supreme Court. That is why the danger that the supreme court now poses is out in full view for everyone.”

Democrats consider the Supreme Court a threat only when their radical agenda isn’t being promoted by it.

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