Warren: Fox News Town Hall a ‘Hate-For-Profit Scam’

Warren: Fox News Town Hall a ‘Hate-For-Profit Scam’

May 30, 2019

Thursday on ABC’s The View, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she refused to do a Fox News town hall because the network was a “hate-for-profit scam.”

“Here’s the deal about Fox News executives, and that is, they’re running a hate-for-profit scam,” the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate said. “They’re out there pushing white nationalists at a time when people are marching in Charlottesville….

“We do town halls and bring in a big Democratic audience to watch that night and then the sales reps for Fox come out and say, ‘Oh, look at our high numbers and look how even-handed we are.’ I’m just not going to give them a full hour to help raise money and help get credibility because they were willing to talk to me for an hour,” Warren continued.

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