Warren: COVID, Oil and Meat Industries to Blame for Inflation

Warren: COVID, Oil and Meat Industries to Blame for Inflation

March 18, 2022

In an interview Wednesday on CNBC’s The Exchange, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) blamed everyone and everything but the Biden administration for the record-high inflation in the United States: the coronavirus pandemic, the oil industry, and the meat industry.

“[I] think the primary cause of this bout of price increases starts with COVID,” Warren began. “And the fact that we have supply chain kinks and that people rapidly shifted the demand curve so that demand for services went down and demand for goods went up. So those two have forced prices up. That’s part one. But what has also happened is that now that we live in an America where there’s a lot more concentration in certain industries — look at the oil industry, look at meat industry, look at groceries generally, that what’s happened is these companies have said, ‘You know, we’ll pass along costs, but while we’re at it, and everyone is talking about rising costs, let’s just add an extra big dollop of cost increases to expand our profits.’”

Absolutely false. This is pure anti-business demagoguery from the capitalist-hating Warren who coined the phrase, “You didn’t build that!”

The fact of the matter is that our economic woes are 100% the result of Democrat policies. Warren will never admit that it is, but the American people suffering under an accelerating economic burden are not fooled by the Democrat Narrative that corporate greed and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are to blame.

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