Warren: ‘Chicken’ Trump Knows He ‘Got Spanked’ in First Debate

Warren: ‘Chicken’ Trump Knows He ‘Got Spanked’ in First Debate

October 15, 2020

Monday on the liberal talk show The Real, Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused President Trump of being a “chicken” because he declined to participate in a second debate with presidential rival Joe Biden.

“You said you think that’s the reason Trump canceled, is because he had COVID. I don’t know. I don’t have any inside information,” Warren said. “But I got to tell you, my first thought” — Warren then made a clucking sound — “you know, a total chicken.”

“He knows that he just got spanked in that first debate,” Warren continued. “And he got out there, and he blustered, and he strutted around. And a lot of Americans who might’ve been on the fence, who might’ve supported him the last time around, said, ‘I’m done with this guy.’ So I think that is the main reason he didn’t show up.” Um, no. Anyone who thinks that Trump ever feels as if he got “spanked” by an opponent does not know Donald Trump.

She added that “the American people in even bigger numbers are turning away from Donald Trump. They’re ready to change the channel on him.” Wishful thinking. On the contrary, his numbers rose after the debate.

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