Warren Calls Trump ‘Corruption in the Flesh’

Warren Calls Trump ‘Corruption in the Flesh’

September 17, 2019

White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren told supporters in Washington Square Park on Monday that President Trump is “corruption in the flesh.”

“Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh,” Warren declared. “He’s sworn to serve the people of the United States, but he only serves himself and his partners in corruption. He tries to divide us. White against black, Christian against Muslim, straight against queer and trans, and everyone against Democrats.”

“Because if we’re all busy fighting each other, no one will notice that he and his buddies are stealing more and more our country’s wealth and destroying the future for everyone else,” she added.

This is pure demagoguery and psychological projection on Warren’s part. Trump has given the economy an almost unprecedented boost for all Americans, and it is the Democrats with their divisive identity politics who thrive on pitting Americans against each other.

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