Warren: Border Illegals Must Not Be ‘Unnecessarily’ Detained

Warren: Border Illegals Must Not Be ‘Unnecessarily’ Detained

October 4, 2019

On Twitter Thursday, leading Democrat presidential contender Elizabeth Warren vowed not to “unnecessarily” detain “asylum seekers” — meaning illegal aliens crossing the United States-Mexico border.

“Too many immigrants have died in ICE custody,” Warren tweeted. “We need to ensure asylum seekers are welcomed, treated humanely, receive the medical care they need, and are not detained unnecessarily. I have a plan to rebuild a more humane immigration system.”

This was in response to a report that a Cameroon national detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) died while in custody. As Breitbart News reports, however, “migrant deaths under the Trump administration are 20 percent lower than the rate of migrant deaths under former President Obama.”

The open-borders radical Warren had previously declared that “[amnesty for all illegal aliens] is good for all workers, and we need to get them into our unions.”

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