Warren: Biden Should Put Abortion Clinics on Federal Property in ‘Hostile’ States

Warren: Biden Should Put Abortion Clinics on Federal Property in ‘Hostile’ States

June 9, 2022

Wednesday on MSNBC’s race-mongering propaganda outlet The ReidOut, radical Sen. Elizabeth “You Didn’t Build That” Warren (D-MA) said that President Joe Biden should consider putting abortion clinics on federal property in states that ban abortion.

Warren said, “The idea that five extremists on the United States Supreme Court want to take us back to that world, want to treat women as second class citizens, I see this as a moment it has got to be all hands on deck, a whole of government response. I get it Congress could act, but we just don’t have the votes right now. So we need the president of the United States to act.”

“Extremists.” Five of the nine Supreme Court justices vote against infanticide, and Warren considers them “extremists.”

The socialist multi-millionaire extremist who lied about Native American heritage went on to say the President should take executive action to counter the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

What the administration should explore, she said, is “what can be done with federal property within the states that are hostile. How about if the federal government looks into the possibility? Can they have clinics there? Can we give advice there? How can we be helpful?”

Warren concluded, “We want to see this administration have all hands on deck. This is a five-alarm fire. We need to be fight, fight, fighting.”

It’s a five-alarm fire for Democrats because the unrestricted right to kill one’s inconvenient unborn child is a leftist sacrament.

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