Warnock in 2017 Clip: ‘Racism’ is ‘America’s Preexisting Condition’

Warnock in 2017 Clip: ‘Racism’ is ‘America’s Preexisting Condition’

November 24, 2020

In video clips from 2017, Rev. Raphael Warnock preached that “America’s preexisting condition” is “racism” during at least two of the several speeches and sermons he has given that have come under scrutiny for their radical messaging.

“We are in a special moment,” Warnock said in a video from a 2017 New Baptist Covenant event. “We are in an evil moment. We are in a tragic moment, and I suggest to you that our politics is symptomatic of our sickness. We’ve got a lot of problems, but I would not be a prophet if I did not tell you that racism is America’s preexisting condition. Like the insurance companies, nobody wants to go there. Nobody wants to cover it because we wonder what it would cost. We, the land of the free, and the incarceration capital of the world. In this land where we warehouse 25 percent of the world’s prisoners although we are only five percent of the world, we are to ask ourselves what has it cost us not to cover it, not to face up to it, not to confront it, not to deal with it. Racism is America’s preexisting condition.”

“America has a preexisting condition,” Warnock also preached in a separate video compilation. “It’s called racism. It’s called classism. It’s called bigotry. It’s called xenophobia. And we need God to heal us of our preexisting condition.”

He also appeared on Fox News in 2008 to defend Barack Obama‘s spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright, who infamously declared that “America’s chickens are coming home to roost” in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and repeatedly shouted “God damn America!” in a sermon. And Warnock stated prior to the 2016 presidential election that “America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness on full display.”

It would appear that Warnock, who is running in a Georgia race that could determine which Party takes control of the U.S. Senate, is the new Jeremiah Wright.

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