Warnock: Wright’s ‘God Damn America’ Sermon ‘Compelling’

Warnock: Wright’s ‘God Damn America’ Sermon ‘Compelling’

December 31, 2020

Breitbart News reports that in his 2014 book titled The Divided Mind of the Black Church (Religion, Race, and Ethnicity), Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock compares far-left hate-preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright to biblical prophets and describes Wright’s infamous “God damn America” sermon as a “very thoughtful and compelling discussion on how a Christian should view government.”

After dismissing the notion of a “postracial America,” Warnock referred to Wright as “a preacher in the African American prophetic tradition,” and wrote that the 2008 video of Wright’s speech damning America was controversial because he “happened to be the pastor of Barack Obama.”

Warnock, who has defended Wright on many other occasions as well, went on to claim that Wright “was right when he proffered that the vicious caricature and political attack on him was, in a real sense, an attack on the black church.” Nonsense — it was not a caricature or attack but a justifiable reaction to Wright’s repugnant, radical anti-Americanism, and it expressed America’s legitimate concern that its potential next President shared Wright’s hateful theology.

“The media’s own caricature and distortion, made it virtually impossible for the general public to know that his actual sermon, heard in its entirety, was a very thoughtful and compelling discussion on how a Christian should view government,” Warnock continued before erroneously comparing the sermon to the works of Augustine, Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Comparing Wright to Jeremiah and “other Old Testament prophets,” Warnock agreed with him that “while our songs and political pronouncements may say ‘God bless America,’ our actions may say ‘God damn America.’” Warnock concluded by blaming “the intractable character of America’s original sin: racism” for Wright’s frustrations.

Warnock and Wright are men of the same satanic cloth: racial agitators claiming God’s authority in a play for political power, not to unify Americans but to divide them and to subvert the nation as part of a godless, communist agenda.

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