Warnock: ‘Voting Rights Bigger Than the Filibuster Issue’

Warnock: ‘Voting Rights Bigger Than the Filibuster Issue’

March 19, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Sen. Raphael Warnock told propagandist host Rachael Maddow that he prioritized legislative action on voting rights over the Senate’s filibuster rule.

“Well, listen, Rachel, I know that there’s a big debate, obviously, going on about the filibuster,” he said. “And we will have to confront that issue head-on. But my argument today was this: voting rights is bigger than the filibuster issue. And whether we get rid of the filibuster or not, we have to pass voting rights. We have to give the people their own voice in their own democracy.”

Every eligible citizen in this country already has voting rights. No one is against voting rights. What every sensible, fair-minded citizen expects and wants is for the voting process to be fair and legal. But Democrats aren’t sensible, fair-minded people. They lust for political power by any means necessary, including stealing elections and then falsely accusing their Republican opponents of trying to suppress voting rights.

“I think really that what’s at stake is the viability and the health and the credibility of our democracy — that sacred idea of one person, one vote,” Warnock continued. “That’s what’s under assault in Georgia and some 43 other states”

Fact check: the health and credibility of our democracy are indeed under assault — by Democrat voter fraud.

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