Warnock Falsely Claims He Has ‘Never Been Opposed to Voter ID’

Warnock Falsely Claims He Has ‘Never Been Opposed to Voter ID’

June 18, 2021

Georgia’s radical leftist Sen. Raphael Warnock claimed on Thursday that he has “never been opposed to voter ID,” ignoring his own history of bashing “unnecessary and discriminatory voter ID laws,” describing them as both “secretive” and “subversive.”

Warnock, speaking of Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) compromise proposal to the For the People Act, claimed, “I have never been opposed to voter ID” — a blatant lie.

“And in fact, I don’t know anybody who is — who believes people shouldn’t have to prove that they are who they say they are,” Warnock continued, yet another demonstrable falsehood.

Really? How about the entire Democrat Party, which routinely gets apoplectic over election integrity laws requiring voter ID?

“But what has happened over the years is people have played with common sense identification and put into place restrictive measures intended not to preserve the integrity of the outcome, but to select, certain group,” he continued — another blatant lie.

Breitbart News notes that in an October 19, 2018 piece titled “Attacks on voting hit at soul of our democracy,” Warnock wrote,” More than a decade ago, Republican legislators in the state of Georgia … led the way in turning the clock back on voting rights by passing unnecessary and discriminatory voter ID laws.”

In a piece Warnock co-wrote in July 2020, he claimed that “voting rights continue to be under attack in far more secretive, subversive ways like Voter ID laws.” Later in 2012 Warnock “called voter ID laws an affront to the memory of the civil rights leader” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Lest we forget, Senator Warnock’s fear-mongering about Georgia’s election security laws is the reason that the MLB pulled their All-Star Game and draft from Atlanta, costing the city and its diverse businesses over $100 million in economic opportunities,” the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) said in a statement following Warnock’s assertion.

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