WaPo: ‘Party of Thugs’ GOP Made CRT a ‘Phony’ Issue

WaPo: ‘Party of Thugs’ GOP Made CRT a ‘Phony’ Issue

November 3, 2021

In a vicious Washington Post article published last week, columnist Paul Waldman claimed that Republicans are a “party of thugs” who have created “phony” issues such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) to “enrage” Americans.

The essay, titled “The party of thugs,” began by claiming that the GOP has become “even more of a party of thugs” since decrepit President Biden’s election. “In 2020, Joe Biden repeatedly insisted that once Donald Trump departed office the Republican Party would become more reasonable,” Waldman wrote. “Instead, it has become even more of a party of thugs, where basic norms of polite behavior are held in contempt.”

As evidence of this thuggery, he complains that “anti-Biden signs are cropping up as well, frequently with angry and profane insults,” including the wildly popular “Let’s go, Brandon” slogan, which originated after an NBC Sports reporter attempted to cover for the president by twisting the crowd’s “F*ck Joe Biden” chant into the laughably innocuous “Let’s go, Brandon.”

The hypocritical Waldman spewed the accusation that conservatives have made “our politics as mean and unpleasant as possible.” He must have been in a coma during the George W. Bush and Donald Trump presidencies, years in which the left entirely jettisoned norms of polite behavior and indulged in orgiastic public expressions of profanity directed at those presidents and their family members — not to mention thuggish violence targeting Bush and Trump supporters. Now he pretends to be outraged by the tongue-in-cheek “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

He also claimed, without evidence, that the GOP manufactured “phony” issues such as Critical Race Theory to incite the masses. In fact, CRT is not phony but a very real creation of the Marxist left as a clear and present danger to the United States of America. That’s what has incited nationwide alarm among conservative patriots — the people Waldman and the propagandist Washington Post smeared as “thugs.”

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