WaPo: CNN’s Cuomo ‘Failed to Maintain the Most Basic of Journalistic Principles’

WaPo: CNN’s Cuomo ‘Failed to Maintain the Most Basic of Journalistic Principles’

August 12, 2021

In an op-ed published on Monday, The Washington Post slammed CNN for failing to “maintain the most basic of journalistic principles” amid evidence that blowhard anchor Chris Cuomo advised brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo how to escape allegations of sexual misconduct before an investigation found the governor sexually harassed multiple women.

“Here’s what CNN’s Chris Cuomo has done over the past weeks and months: failed to maintain the most basic of journalistic principles, which are independence, fairness and impartiality,” media columnist Margaret Sullivan stated.

“And his employer, essentially, has let the star host get away with it,” she continued. “Cuomo’s normally news-driven prime-time show last week made no mention of one of the biggest stories of the day: the growing likelihood that his brother would either resign under pressure or be impeached. He’s been forbidden from covering or commenting on it. But there’s no reason to think that Cuomo has been disciplined in any meaningful way.”

Even CNN anchor Brian Stelter demanded on his own show for Cuomo to be “grilled” by CNN. But “management has been clear about its position: he is not covering the governor on TV, period,” Stelter said.

A CNN staffer told BuzzFeed News on August 3, “The fact that Chris Cuomo wasn’t fired over his inappropriate conflict of interest in actively affecting a news story is not only irresponsible of CNN, but also a disgrace to journalism.”

CNN itself is a disgrace to journalism, so watching the left eat each other is pure schadenfreude.

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