Walker Blasts Warnock Over Campaign Funds Controversy

Walker Blasts Warnock Over Campaign Funds Controversy

July 8, 2022

Breitbart News reports that the campaign for Georgia Republican Herschel Walker tore into corrupt, radical Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) on Thursday following revelations Warnock may have inappropriately used campaign donations to pay for personal legal expenses.

Walker’s campaign asked, “Is there anything more Washington?” after Politico reported Warnock spent his campaign money on a lawsuit filed against Warnock in 2021 related to unsubstantiated allegations from many years ago during his time as pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church.

“Georgians sent Raphael Warnock to Washington to represent them, and instead he spent his donors’ money to cover his personal legal bills,” Walker spokeswoman Mallory Blount wrote in a statement. “Raphael Warnock was involved in a lawsuit, which had nothing to do with his work as Senator and he used his campaign dollars to cover his legal troubles. Is there anything more Washington?”

“Seldom held accountable for his misconduct, Senator Warnock operates under the assumption that no one will bat an eyelash at the flurry of lawsuits in which he is currently embroiled – and that he can illegally use campaign funds as a piggy bank for his personal expenses,” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman T.W. Arrighi said in a statement. “The shine is fading from the media’s darling as people realize that not everything is on the up and up with Raphael Warnock.”

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