VP: ‘Assault Weapons’ Designed ‘to Kill a Lot’ of Humans ‘Quickly’

VP: ‘Assault Weapons’ Designed ‘to Kill a Lot’ of Humans ‘Quickly’

October 3, 2022

In a discussion with actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas at a DNC Women’s Leadership Forum, epically incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris told the audience that “assault weapons” are “designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly.”

Reiterating that she and decrepit puppet President Joe Biden want to reinstitute an “assault weapons” ban, she explained her reasoning behind the ban.

“Just to break it down… why are we looking at a particular ‘assault weapons’ ban and carving that out? Let’s just always think about almost everything that can be used has a design purpose. What is the design purpose of an ‘assault weapon’?”

She then answered her own question by saying the “design purpose” is “to kill — a lot — of human beings — quickly.”

This is the ugly lie of gun confiscating totalitarians like Kamala. There are literally millions of Americans who purchased an AR-15 not “to kill a lot of human beings quickly” but because they enjoy target shooting or for purposes of home defense.

Speaking of which, let’s get some clarification: first, the term “assault” is meaningless because one could just as properly call an AR-15 a “defensive” weapon. It depends on who is doing the shooting and why.

Second, as law enforcement officers (LEOs) will tell you, the purpose of a gun in the hands of LEOs and law-abiding citizens is not to “kill” anyone but to “stop the threat” of a violent or potentially violent offender when necessary. If that unavoidably entails killing the offender, then so be it, but that is not the “design purpose” of a gun.

In terms of preventing gun crime, gun control demonstrably does not work. The plain truth? Kamala and her fellow totalitarian Democrats, whose every policy is anti-law-and-order and pro-criminal, want to ban AR-15s and other guns in order to disarm the populace so that only their one-party state government is armed.

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