Vet to Milley: Your Job is to Win Wars, Not Fight Climate Change

Vet to Milley: Your Job is to Win Wars, Not Fight Climate Change

September 6, 2022

In an interview with Breitbart News, Marine veteran Stuart Scheller, who demanded accountability from senior military leaders over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal,  slammed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley for being focused on “white rage” rather than fighting wars.

Milley, during a House hearing in June 2021, defended military cadets learning about Critical Race Theory and said he wanted to “learn about ‘white rage,’” using a term used by critical race theorists. Two months later, the military had to conduct a chaotic and hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan that ended in the tragic deaths of 13 service members and more than 100 Afghan civilians.

“Obviously our leaders have the wrong focus. I mean, Lloyd Austin, came into office while the Russians were staging on the border of Ukraine. We were trying to withdraw from one of the longest wars in American history. And after 100 days in office, he said he did problem framing and decided COVID was the biggest threat to the DoD followed by extremism. Like obviously his priorities are skewed,” Scheller told Breitbart News.

“And so I go back to what we were just talking about where fighting should be the focus at all times. And obviously you need a Secretary of Defense to manage that. And Mark Milley is the same thing, not only ‘white rage,’ he’s talking about climate control,” he said. “‘Hey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, like your job is to advise on military policy winning wars like climate control is not in your wheelhouse.’”

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