Velshi: Opposing 1619 Project is ‘Using Race’ as ‘Political Weapon’

Velshi: Opposing 1619 Project is ‘Using Race’ as ‘Political Weapon’

May 3, 2021

Saturday on MSNBC’s Velshi, propagandist/host Ali Velshi argued, in a fit of blatant psychological projection, that Republicans are “using race as a political weapon” by opposing the New York Times’ debunked 1619 Project, which falsely posits that the U.S. was founded in racism and slavery, not freedom.

“244 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence,” Velshi said, “structural racism continues to disproportionately segregate communities of color. And this week, following President Biden’s first address to Congress, Republicans sent the party’s only black senator to reject the ongoing debate about racism in America.”

Fact checks: 1) America is not structurally racist; 2) yes, the GOP has only one black senator — know how many the Democrats have? Two, one of whom has been in office only a few months; 3) Scott did not “reject” the debate about racism in America — he rebutted it, arguing factually that America is not a racist country.

Velshi continued, “Now, the argument that America is not a racist country is one President Biden and Vice President Harris agreed with this week following Sen. Scott’s rebuttal, but the reality is the party is using race as a political weapon, and that’s his own party, Tim Scott’s party. For example, Senate [Minority] Leader Mitch McConnell and 37 Republican senators are looking to take the next step in a culture war against the 1619 Project, which aims to reframe American history to include the ugly first chapter of slavery in America.”

This is pure projection. It is the Democrats who are waging the culture war against America and using the 1619 Project as a political weapon. That Project, discredited by hundreds of historians, is not about “including” the history of slavery in America — no one is trying to erase that history — but about rooting America’s origins in slavery in order to smear and delegitimize this country’s very essence.

He added, “Tim Scott can try and prove on the merits that America is not a racist country. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris said the same thing this week. The issue isn’t whether America is a racist country. It’s whether there are racists in power in America and what should be done about it.”

Fact check: True — there are racists in power in America. They’re called the Democrat Party.

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