Veasey: TX Voting Bill Something Like You’d See in Venezuela

Veasey: TX Voting Bill Something Like You’d See in Venezuela

June 1, 2021

Monday on MSNBC, Rep. Marc Veasey claimed falsely that the Texas Senate Bill 7, a Republican-backed bill tightening election rules, was like something you would see done “in Zimbabwe or Venezuela.”

Texas Democrats blocked passage of the bill on Sunday by walking out on the vote. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to pass the measure into law in the next legislative session.

“When you say that you can overturn an election based on crazy tropes and racial stereotypes about Texas citizens, it’s just absolutely insane that they’re even thinking about that,” Veasey said without explaining what crazy tropes and racial stereotypes he was referring to. “So imagine any close race that Republicans wanted to go and overturn. They would be able to do so with that provision. That’s not something that happens in our country, that’s something that you think about happening, you know, in, you know, in Zimbabwe or Venezuela or some other country that’s not industrialized and has issues dealing around freedom and democracy.”

This is nonsense. The only election that could be overturned is one that was illegitimate. That’s why Veasey is spreading Democrat propaganda claiming otherwise.

“Our country is supposed to be the shining light and beacon of freedom and democracy around the world, and we certainly can’t be a model for others if we are going to turn to third-world suppression voter — voter suppression tactics here in Texas and in other states around the country,” the propagandist Veasey continued.

Democrats don’t care about freedom and democracy, which is precisely why they don’t want the suppression of the illegal votes they need to seize and maintain power.

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