Vatican Tells Muslims: Ramadan Is Important for Christians, Too

Vatican Tells Muslims: Ramadan Is Important for Christians, Too

March 27, 2023

In a message of good wishes to Muslims around the world on Friday, the Vatican’s department of Interreligious Dialogue, presumably reflecting Pope Francis‘ opinion, said that the month of Ramadan is important not only for Muslims, but also for believers of other religions, “in particular Christians.”

During the month of Ramadan, existing friendships are reinforced and others are built, “paving the way for more peaceful, harmonious and joyful coexistence,” according to the text published by the Vatican. “This corresponds to the divine will for our communities, and indeed for all the members and communities of the one human family.”

Such peaceful and friendly coexistence is threatened by “extremism, radicalism, polemics, disputes, and religiously motivated violence,” the message declares, and these threats “are fueled by a culture of hate.”

Such a culture must be countered and overcome by “enhancing instead, enhancing love and friendship, in particular between Muslims and Christians, due to the bonds that unite us.”

There are no bonds that unite us. Muslims and Christians worship different gods.

The message went on to call for “a world where justice, peace, fraternity and prosperity reign please [sic] the Almighty and brings joy, calling, therefore, our sincere and shared engagement.”

That would be nice.

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