Van Jones: Glenn Youngkin is the ‘Delta Variant of Trumpism’

Van Jones: Glenn Youngkin is the ‘Delta Variant of Trumpism’

November 3, 2021

Tuesday on his network’s election coverage, CNN political commentator and former Obama administration official Van Jones called Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin (R) the “Delta variant of Trumpism.”

Jones said, “You do have the grassroots folks out there fighting for this on the Democratic Party side. The stakes are high. When this election is over in Virginia, we will know have we seen the emergence of the Delta variant of Trumpism. The Delta variant of Trumpism. In other words, Youngkin, same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places. The suburbs, if they fall to him —”

Host Andersen Copper said, “That’s implying that Youngkin is more dangerous than the president — former president.”

Jones said, “No, no. Easier to spread. More easy to spread because if you are looking at what he is doing, he is playing footsie with the worst of Trumpism. He is putting himself forward as a champion of parents. This is a referendum on parents’ rights, and not talking about it, but he is using all of the Critical Race Theory [CRT] head fakes and head-nods which is a softer version of a very virulent kind of anti-black posture. I think his is a big deal, because if this is a pathway because if you can flirt with Trumpism, flirt with Trump and still win in the suburbs, that is a new development for us.”

Jones and his fellow propagandists at CNN want you to believe that opposing the racist indoctrination of CRT is part of a “very virulent kind of anti-black posture.” In fact, CRT itself is a very virulent kind of anti-white and anti-American posture. Opposing it makes you a patriot. Defending it, as Van Jones does, makes you a racist.

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