Van Jones: The Fact That the Election is This Close ‘Hurts’

Van Jones: The Fact That the Election is This Close ‘Hurts’

November 4, 2020

Tuesday night during CNN’s election coverage, commentator Van Jones complained that the fact that the election race was as close as it was “hurts.”

“I think a lot of Democrats are hurt tonight. There’s a lot of hurt out there,” Jones began. “There’s a moral victory and there’s a political victory, and they’re not the same thing. The political victory still may come. But I think for people who saw babies being snatched away from their mothers at the border, people sending their kids to schools where the ‘n’ word is now being used against them, people seeing this wave of intolerance, they wanted a moral victory tonight. We wanted to see a repudiation of this direction for the country. And the fact that it’s this close, it hurts. It just hurts.

“I think people just got their hopes up, looking at those polls,” he continued. “The political victory is still possible.”

Fact check: true, because the left is committing massive voter fraud.

“But there are people who were hoping for a big repudation,” Jones concluded, “and that has not yet come, and a lot of people are hurt and scared tonight in the Democrat Party.”

Conservatives wanted a moral victory, too. They wanted to see a repudiation of the left’s openly racist, intolerant, violent, and socialist direction for this country. And that repudiation was happening all across the country as Trump was headed for a clear political victory — until the Democrats in states where Trump was leading shut things down to manipulate the vote counts.

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