Van Jones Says Abrams is a ‘Diversity Beard’ For Biden

Van Jones Says Abrams is a ‘Diversity Beard’ For Biden

March 22, 2019

Appearing Thursday afternoon on CNN, contributor Van Jones said a decision by former Vice President Joe Biden to name failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams as his 2020 running mate would be an attempt at boosting his “diversity” bona fides.

“Maybe he’s trying to put on a little big of a diversity jacket, have a diversity beard, you know, for himself,” said Jones. “The downsides of it for him are, this is very, very risky… This early, to decide, you know, who’s going to be the best help for you as vice president, I think is very premature.

“The other problem is, the other part of this demographic profile, is his age. Whoever he picks to be vice president, because of his age — hey, listen, that person could be president in 20 minutes.”


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