Van Jones: Sanders ‘Stepped on’ ‘a Banana Peel’ in Debate

Van Jones: Sanders ‘Stepped on’ ‘a Banana Peel’ in Debate

January 15, 2020

During CNN’s coverage of Tuesday’s Democrat presidential debate, former Obama adviser Van Jones noted that Sen. Bernie Sanders “stepped on” “a banana peel” over his reported comment that a woman cannot beat President Trump in 2020.

“This was Elizabeth Warren’s night,” Jones said. “She needed to do something. And there was a banana peel sitting out there for Bernie to step on when it came to his comments about women. I think Bernie stepped on it and slid around. She knocked that moment out of the park. And I think that the only thing that’s going to be remembered was how she handled that tonight.”

Jones added, “There was nothing I saw tonight that would be able to take Donald Trump out, and I want to see a Democrat in the White House as soon as possible. There was nothing tonight that, if you’re looking at this thing, you say, any of these people are prepared for what Donald Trump’s going to do to us. And to see further division tonight is very dispiriting.”

Jones is right for once.

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