Van Jones on VP Debate: ‘Pence Was a Mansplainer-in-Chief’

Van Jones on VP Debate: ‘Pence Was a Mansplainer-in-Chief’

October 8, 2020

During CNN’s coverage of Wednesday evening’s vice presidential debate, political commentator Van Jones dismissed Vice President Mike Pence as “a mansplainer-in-chief” during the debate.

Jones said that Democrat vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris had a strong start to the debate and a strong finish, and in the middle, “had to walk that tightrope that you’ve seen women of color and all women have to walk of being strong, but not too strong. And she got run over by Pence, over and over again, the moderator did nothing about it. But she kept her poise. She kept her composure, and she did great tonight.”

Jones must have been watching a different debate from the one everyone else saw, because it was Pence who kept his composure, not the smirking, smarmy Harris, whom even the participants in a Frank Luntz focus group found unpresidential. And the moderator allowed Harris to go over her time on nearly a dozen occasions, while cutting Pence short of this time at least five times.

“Pence was a mansplainer-in-chief. He was Mr. Mike Mansplainer all night,” Jones added, pushing the media’s strategy of smearing Pence as sexist.

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