Van Jones: ‘Mesmerizing’ to Watch Biden’s Functional Govt

Van Jones: ‘Mesmerizing’ to Watch Biden’s Functional Govt

January 21, 2021

During CNN’s coverage of the inauguration ceremony, CNN political commentator Van Jones gushed that he was crying with joy watching the first few hours of the Biden administration in action.

“It’s just memorizing to watch a functional government doing functional government type things. I mean, just a press conference, and there was a human, and the person said words, and the words made sense. Then somebody asked a question, and then the person answered the question, and you are just crying. Oh my God.”

Anchor Anderson Cooper chimed in, “This is like a “Saturday Night Live” skit,” and panelist David Axelrod wondered, “How long will this go on?”

Jones replied, “I don’t know. It is wonderful. Thank God, hallelujah, and Jesus, I’m so happy.” He added, “Then you had Biden literally was just swearing in the people and telling them to be nice to each other, and if you don’t, I’m going to fire you. That was powerful.”

It’s clear that the Biden administration is going to enjoy unprecedented sycophancy from the mainstream media, after four combative years of President Trump exposing the bias, hatred, lies, and fake news of these political activists posing as journalists.

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