Jones: ‘Despicable,’ ‘Disgraceful’ DeSantis is ‘Worse Than Trump’

Jones: ‘Despicable,’ ‘Disgraceful’ DeSantis is ‘Worse Than Trump’

July 4, 2023

Monday on Erin Burnett OutFront, CNN political commentator Van Jones declared that 2024 hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) wrapping Pride Month campaign video shows he was “worse than” former President Trump.

Jones said, “It’s a disgraceful decision on the part of the Supreme Court. But DeSantis should be ashamed of himself. Anybody who is jumping up and down saying hey, anybody but Trump. We want a Ron DeSantis. We think Ron DeSantis can beat Trump. We love Ron DeSantis. take those words back, because this guy is worse than Trump. Ron DeSantis is worse than Donald Trump.”

He continued, “Donald Trump was at least trying to open the party up, the Republican Party up, by reaching out to African-American voters and gay voters. Hey, everybody is welcome here. Ninety-nine things you can hate, but that was the one good thing he tried to do. DeSantis wants to punish him for that. He wants to punish a U.S. president for opening his heart after gays and lesbians were gunned down in a nightclub. You don’t punish a U.S. president for that if you’re a patriot, if you’re a human being, if you’re a Christian, if you’re a decent carbon-based being, you don’t do that. Ron DeSantis is doing that.”

Jones added, “Ron DeSantis is trying to punish Trump for trying to do something for criminal justice reform, with the First Step Act, he had 25,000 people come home, and only 12% ever got in trouble again, the most successful reform ever helped the black community. Ron DeSantis wants to punish him for that. Ron DeSantis is trying to punish Donald Trump for the few good things that he did. Ron DeSantis is despicable. He is disgraceful. This ad is disgraceful. And anybody who was on his bandwagon should apologize and get off immediately. He is worse than Trump.”

Translation: DeSantis is a bigger threat to the Democrat Party than Trump, and he must be stopped now.

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