Van Jones: Dems Are in a Lose-Lose Situation

Van Jones: Dems Are in a Lose-Lose Situation

October 4, 2019

On CNN’s OutFront Thursday, CNN contributor and former Barack Obama adviser Van Jones pointed out that Democrats “are in a lose-lose situation” by pursuing the impeachment of President Trump.

“It’s a tricky thing, the impeachment process, because for some Republicans it makes them want to rally around the flag,” Jones said. “When I was anti-Bill Clinton from the left in the ’90s, and then they tried to impeach him, and suddenly Clinton was my best friend. I was like, ‘Leave Bill Clinton alone.’ So I think you get crosscurrents in this thing, and at the same time the Democrats are in a lose-lose situation.”

“If they don’t do something, their own base is going to feel disappointed and feel like maybe Trump gets away with too much,” Jones added. “If you don’t do the impeachment, though, you divide the country further, take the oxygen away from your candidates, and you still don’t solve the problem of [foreign] interference.”

“It’s a big mess,” he concluded. Indeed — a mess that will backfire on the Democrats in 2020.

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