Van Jones Calls Iowa Caucus Delay a ‘Debacle’

Van Jones Calls Iowa Caucus Delay a ‘Debacle’

February 5, 2020

Monday night on CNN, political commentator and former Barack Obama adviser Van Jones called the Iowa caucus delay on results a “real debacle.”

“This is starting to feel like, possibly a real debacle where, if there is some technical problems they are not disclosing, we could be very late on this,” Jones said.

“I just think that the idea of the caucus has failed to meet the viability threshold,” he continued. “The idea of the caucus itself has failed to meet the viability threshold because we’ve all been saying the whole time, ‘Why Iowa in the first place?’ It’s 90 percent white. When you have a party as diverse as this to be in a state this non-diverse is terrible. People ought to be able to vote and go home. I don’t like caucus in the first place, but then if you can’t even deliver on your one job… You only have one job, Iowa.”

The Democrats, a diverse party? The only candidates who have survived the nomination process so far are all white and mostly elderly. Meanwhile, minorities are waking up and abandoning the party plantation.

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