Van Jones: Biden’s ‘Deeper Patriotism’ Exactly What We Need Right Now

Van Jones: Biden’s ‘Deeper Patriotism’ Exactly What We Need Right Now

March 12, 2021

Thursday on CNN, political commentator Van Jones praised President Joe Biden’s address on the coronavirus pandemic as a calling to a “deeper patriotism.”

“I just think that he is the guy we need right now,” Jones said. “When he talked about I’m going to heal the soul of America, a lot of people thought that was some corny stuff. But to see the president of the United States standing up there, he didn’t say you need me. He said I need you. I need you. I mean, my God, that is —isn’t that it? We need each other.”

President Trump build his entire campaign and term of presidency around the call for Americans to come together and make this country great again. Democrats like Jones didn’t just think that was “corny stuff”; they called it bigotry, division, and hate. Now that a Democrat is fraudulently occupying the White House, suddenly Democrats are swooning over the idea of unity — the kind of unity in which anyone who disagrees with the Democrat agenda or questions the legitimacy of a demonstrably stolen election is labeled a domestic terrorist.

“This is exactly what we need right now,” Jones continued, gushing over the tottering, doddering Biden’s self-congratulatory, condescending address. “I think it’s a deeper kind of patriotism. There’s this kind of cheaper patriotism that separates the American people from America’s government and says, I love America’s people, I hate America’s government. He said the government is us. It’s a democracy. The government is us. And he’s calling for a whole of government and whole of society approach.”

The corrupt, hypocritical politicians of this administration have made it clear that the government is most definitely not the people, nor is it a democracy anymore. The illegitimate Biden government is hell-bent on stripping the people of their rights, from the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the right to gather on the 4th of July with more than 3 people. That’s not a deeper patriotism — it’s totalitarianism.

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