Van Jones: Biden Was ‘Foggy and Meandering’ During Presser

Van Jones: Biden Was ‘Foggy and Meandering’ During Presser

January 20, 2022

Wednesday on CNN’s OutFront, political commentator Van Jones said President Joe Biden was “foggy and meandering” during his first solo news conference of 2022.

Asked about Biden confirming worthless Vice President Kamala Harris as his 2024 running mate, Jones said, “I think a lot of Democratic voters appreciate that. That’s the one time that you don’t want to give any fuzzy, foggy, let-me-tell-you-a-long-story answer. Clear and direct, they are a team. He is staying together. They are going to fight it forward.”

The mentally and physically decrepit Biden isn’t going to make it to 2024, and not even Democrats want Kamala to continue in the White House. So if they are a team, they’ll be going down in flames together.

Jones continued, “Look, I think that part of the reason that answer stood out so much is because some of the other answers were kind of foggy and meandering. I think you have to be honest that you can be a foggy, meandering president, say, like Reagan near the end if you’re winning.”

Jones added, “But if you are foggy and meandering on key questions and you’re also not winning, then you’ve got a real problem, and so I think the real challenge that you have is the numbers are out there that are bad.”

The problem isn’t that Biden’s numbers are bad, or that he is foggy and meandering. His bad numbers are the result of the real problem, which is that he and Kamala are the worst presidential leaders in American history.

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