Van Jones: Biden is a ‘Mediocre Moderate’

Van Jones: Biden is a ‘Mediocre Moderate’

October 16, 2019

After the Democrat presidential debate in Ohio on Tuesday, CNN commentator Van Jones called contender Joe Biden a “mediocre moderate” compared to his more radical competition Elizabeth Warren.

“I think that we’ve got an extraordinary progressive in Warren,” Jones said. “And we have right now still a mediocre moderate in Biden. What we don’t have yet is an extraordinary moderate. And you saw [South Bend Mayor Pete] Buttigieg trying to get there. You saw Klobuchar trying to get there. We need somebody to have — to really have this debate the right way, you’ve got to have two real heavyweights on both sides.

“Look, you know, Biden didn’t do as badly as he has done. I still feel the air is coming out of Biden. I just don’t see it. So there is an opportunity.” Jones went on to say that the 2020 Democrat nomination showdown is “shaping up as Warren versus Pete.”

While many Dems believe Biden is the best bet to beat Trump in 2020, the more radical elements in the Party — including Van Jones — want a more radical nominee.

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