Van Jones: Biden Campaign Feels Like a ‘Dead Man Walking’

Van Jones: Biden Campaign Feels Like a ‘Dead Man Walking’

February 28, 2020

Friday on CNN’s New Day, network contributor Van Jones blasted presidential contender Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, saying it feels like “a dead man walking.”

“The problem that you have … is that there’s a weakness in the Biden campaign that is obvious,” Jones stated. “It’s not just a weakness of the candidate. People will say, ‘Oh, he’s maybe a little bit slower, little bit this, little bit that.’ No, the problem is a former vice president, two-term vice president, Obama’s guy, should be just sucking in money. He’s broke. That shows a lack of enthusiasm not just at the grassroots level, where he needed that, but also at the top.

“And so it’s very, very hard to understand the rationale in the Biden candidacy as a campaign,” Jones continued. “He doesn’t have the grassroots enthusiasm. He’s not filling stadiums like Bernie Sanders. He’s not vacuuming in money from the top. He doesn’t have a grassroots operation. So, it’s just felt like a dead man walking campaign for a long time.”

Jones went on to concede that if Biden “does something extraordinary tomorrow night,” then perhaps “something reverses. But it’s a weird strategy.”

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