Van Jones: 2020 Hard to Predict — Trump’s Base Is ‘Intense’

Van Jones: 2020 Hard to Predict — Trump’s Base Is ‘Intense’

June 3, 2020

Tuesday on CNN, political commentator Van Jones said the 2020 presidential election is “hard to call” because President Trump has a smaller base than presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden, but a more intense one.

“Everyone I know on the left is outraged by the president’s use of military force inside the U.S. borders,” Jones began. On the right, people initially were sympathetic to the George Floyd protests, “but as the protests have gotten more disrupted or disruptive, they have swung back. And you saw the right-wing media begin to pile on the president saying, ‘Hey, why aren’t you doing something? Why aren’t you doing something?’ The left-wing media were laughing at the president: ‘Why are you hiding in the bunker?’…”

“And so that’s something that makes this thing very, very hard to predict,” Jones added. “I think the president has a smaller base than he needs, but a very intense base. I think Biden has a broader base, but lacking in intensity. That matchup is still hard to call.”

It may be hard to call for November, but if the election were held today, Trump would crush Biden.

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