Unhinged Keith Olbermann Calls for Tucker Carlson’s Arrest

Unhinged Keith Olbermann Calls for Tucker Carlson’s Arrest

November 9, 2020

One day after calling for the arrest and removal of President Trump, unhinged political performance artist Keith Olbermann is now calling for the arrest of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The unemployable crank and former ESPN anchor took to Twitter on Friday to accuse Carlson of calling for Trump voters to engage in violence after he assumed that Carlson noted that it is the right side of the political aisle that owns most of the guns in the nation.

The erratic Olbermann, known for his comically bombastic hatefulness, reacted to someone else’s tweet claim that “Tucker is now telling his audience that Trump’s supporters own 6–70% of the guns and they could take to the streets blood ‘would flow.’” To this, Olbermann added, “Again, this is an overt and unmistakable call for widespread violence and requires the arrest of Tucker Carlson.”

As Breitbart News notes, the truth is that “Tucker Carlson did not call for Trump voters to engage in political violence with their guns. He also did not even hint at such a scenario. The segment liberals misconstrued did feature someone saying that Trump voters own ’60 to 70 percent of the guns’ and that there could be blood in the streets, but it was not Carlson who said it. It was a Democrat operative named Lawrence Wilkerson.

Apparently this blunder was called to Olbermann’s attention, because he later tried to delete the tweet to conceal his absurd demand. But the internet is forever.

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