Unhinged Cher: America Needs to Cut ‘Despot’ Putin’s Balls Off

Unhinged Cher: America Needs to Cut ‘Despot’ Putin’s Balls Off

April 7, 2022

Wednesday on Twitter, unhinged social media maven and anti-Trump political pundit Cher went on an emoji-packed rant against Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, comparing him to Hitler and urging the U.S. to cut off Putin’s balls.

In her uniquely illiterate style, Cher tweeted, “WAR Biggest Threat 2 Free [world] Since WW2. [The U.S.] NEEDS 2 CUT PUTIN’S [balls] Off. He Has Gazillions,Doesnt Give a [flying] Fk 4 His Ppl,Oligarchs, Rep in Free [world].Putin/Hitler, LIVES 2 STARVE,RAPE TORTURE,ANNIHILATE.HE WANTS USSR & BETS [U.S.] & NATO WONT PROTECT POLAND,ETC.HE’S GOT MOBILE CREMATORIUMS IN [Ukraine].”

A few months ago, Cher also ranted that Putin intends to “devour sovereign countries” until he “resurrects the USSR.” She then insisted that the goal is to leave Europe unprotected while China and the Saudi’s bring the U.S.A. “to its knees.”

Cher also accused Americans of “not wanting democracy,” wanting “women hobbled,” and hoping for “racism & mistrust” to reign in the U.S. This is what passes for political insight in the entertainment world.

The former “If I Could Turn Back Time” pop singer has over 4 million followers on Twitter.

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