Unhappy NJ Residents: Cory Booker is ‘Not For the People’

Unhappy NJ Residents: Cory Booker is ‘Not For the People’

August 29, 2019

A new video from the YouTuber known as Fleccas shows how residents of Newark, New Jersey, really feel about Democrat politicians, in particular presidential contender and former Newark mayor Cory Booker.

“When they get into office, they don’t do much,” one resident said.”They talk a good talk, but they forget all about what they said they were going to do.”

“They are not putting their citizens first,” said another. “They are putting people who shouldn’t even be here first.”

Another NJ resident said, “Nobody’s gonna vote for Cory Booker. I can tell you that right now because they done had experience with the man and the man is no good. What about the poor people, what about the ones that have worked, busted they butt for their families to have something? He don’t care nothing about that. And if he don’t care nothing about that, I don’t care nothing about him.

“Cory Booker is not for the people,” she added.


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