U.N. Human Rights Council Silences Cuban Dissident

U.N. Human Rights Council Silences Cuban Dissident

July 3, 2020

Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, a Cuban biologist and human rights activist, failed to complete a 90-second statement before the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday after member states Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and China repeatedly interrupted.

Urquiola, imprisoned in 2018 for “disrespect” to the regime after publishing academic evidence of the extensive environmental damage the communist regime has caused the tropical island, earned his speaking spot at the Human Rights Council by spending nearly a week on hunger strike before the agency’s headquarters in Geneva.

When given the floor, however, the Council allowed rogue states to repeatedly interrupt him, whether by banging on their tables or attempting to silence Urquiola through parliamentary procedure, by proclaiming his condemnation of human trafficking not pertinent to the activities of the Council.

Shameful. The United Nations is nothing but a conglomeration of tyrannies and terrorists.

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