Twitter Restores Journalist’s Account in Lawsuit Settlement

Twitter Restores Journalist’s Account in Lawsuit Settlement

July 8, 2022

Far-left social media giant Twitter has restored the account of science journalist Alex Berenson as part of a settlement from a lawsuit brought by the prominent skeptic of coronavirus policies.

Twitter reversing the permanent blacklisting of a prominent account is virtually unheard of. Berenson said his lawsuit proves that anyone suspended for “COVID-19 misinformation,” the pretext used to blacklist him from the platform, now has a case against the company.

“Federal Judge William Alsup offered TWO justifications for letting my lawsuit proceed on breach of contract grounds when he rejected Twitter’s motion to dismiss in April,” tweeted Berenson. “The first was a Twitter executive’s emails to me, which applies only to my case. But the second was that Twitter had begun the process of modifying its terms of service when it set up its five-strike Covid misinformation policy.”

“In other words, if Twitter’s position is that it can ban anyone for any reason, fine, Section 230 allows that,” continued Berenson. “But once the company voluntarily sets guidelines that it says it will follow in disciplining or banning users, IT MUST FOLLOW THOSE — possibly even if its underlying terms of service explicitly say otherwise.”

” In settling the case, acknowledging error, and reinstating me, Twitter has inherently — and publicly — accepted this theory of its contractual obligations. So if you’ve been banned for Covid misinformation — or ANY specific and named violation of Twitter’s policies — and you have a plausible case that you did not in fact violate those polices — hello breach of contract case.”

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