Twitter Bans Trump But Lets Hamas Leaders Incite Violence

Twitter Bans Trump But Lets Hamas Leaders Incite Violence

May 14, 2021

Twitter has permanently banned former President Trump and yet allows the top two Hamas leaders to actively encourage violence against Israel on the social media platform.

Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau and de facto head of the Gaza Strip Ismail Haniyeh uses Twitter to glorify child “martyrs” and celebrate a bombing in Tel Aviv. In another since-deleted post, Haniyeh wrote, “God willing, we will stop our short-range missiles and use long-range missiles” to attack Israel.

Hamas’ second-in-command Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook also encouraged violence against Israel on Twitter, writing, “Do not coexist with the occupation,” to his more than 360,000 followers. Last week, Abu Marzook warned online “that the occupation will pay the price for what it does in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa,” foreshadowing the rocket attacks from Gaza on Israeli civilians.

In English, both leaders admitted they will use everything from bare hands to rockets to “defend our ppl & their rights!” Other global leaders, including Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei, also use Twitter to encourage followers to fight Israel.

But “Orange Man Bad,” so he is banned. And the leftists who run Big Tech support the eradication of Israel, so their platforms remain available for its enemies to incite their terrorism.

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