Trump Supporter Assaulted at Warren Campaign Event

Trump Supporter Assaulted at Warren Campaign Event

August 2, 2019

A man was taken into police custody at a campaign event for Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Tempe, Arizona, Thursday after attempting to rip a cellphone from the hands of a Trump supporter filming the event.

Police said the man will be charged with “assault and disorderly conduct for confronting another subject at the event,” adding that the matter is “pretty cut and dried.”

The AZ Patriots, a group of pro-Trump activists standing “boldly for American values and Conservative principals,” attended the event in red  “MAGA” caps to protest “the socialism that [Warren’s] peddling,” members said. Member Jennifer Harrison said Warren’s campaign staffers were “rude” and and tried to block them from filming. Asked to leave, “we left peacefully, no problem. We respect the law.”

But as the group was exiting, the suspect became enraged, tried to take a group members’ cellphone, and “came after me and tried to take a swing at me,” said Harrison. “Liberals cannot keep their hands to themselves at these events. They see a Make America Great Again hat and they become unglued.”

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