Trump Jr. Slams Media Double Standard on Cuomo, Springsteen

Trump Jr. Slams Media Double Standard on Cuomo, Springsteen

February 27, 2021

Thursday on FNC’s Hannity, Donald Trump, Jr., son of the former President, blasted the media double standard applied to Govs. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) regarding their respective states’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Look at the difference in the handling of Governor DeSantis versus Andrew Cuomo,” Trump Jr. said. “Andrew Cuomo gets Emmys for sending your grandmother to her nursing home to her death, OK? Governor DeSantis got more hell in Florida for keeping beaches open, for keeping beaches open, with social distancing and masks than Andrew Cuomo got for executive orders sending people into nursing homes to die…

“Governor DeSantis gets more hell for various decisions for taking on the press than Andrew Cuomo does for having credible accusations of sexual harassment and other harassment,” Trump continued. “There is a double standard that’s out there. I think that people in America see it, which is why the mainstream media’s approval rating is almost as low as Congress’.”

In a tweet on Thursday, Trump Jr. also slammed rock star and Joe Biden supporter Bruce Springsteen over his recent dropped DWI charges. Springsteen pled guilty to the charge of consuming alcohol in an enclosed area after being arrested in New Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area late last year. Two other charges — DWI and reckless driving — were dismissed. Springsteen was fined $540.

“I’d say it’s white privilege but we all know it’s really liberal privilege,” tweeted Trump Jr.

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