Trump: Gillum a ‘Thief,’ Mayor of a ‘Corrupt’ City

Trump: Gillum a ‘Thief,’ Mayor of a ‘Corrupt’ City

October 30, 2018

President Trump urged Floridians on Monday to vote for the Republican candidate for governor, Ron DeSantis, rather than Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum.

Trump described Gillum as “a thief” and the “mayor of poorly run Tallahassee, said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the Country!” In a Twitter response, Gillum said Trump “is howling because he’s weak,” and urged his supporters to vote.

Gillum is currently under attack for receiving improper gifts as the mayor of Tallahassee but continues to lead in the polls with a slim margin over DeSantis. Trump plans to travel to Florida twice this week to campaign for DeSantis and Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who is running for Senate.

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